The summit to not visit Yasukuni as a condition Chinese requirements ( Abe ) Prime Minister made it clear . " " Daily News " published 3 articles on this topic are" neighbors : Japan isolated between Japan and South Korea , " a series of reports in this newspaper is one of Japan's three major daily newspaper .

"Daily News" reported that " Chinese officials ," said the Chinese government is considering holding Japan-China summit at the APEC summit in November this year, but Chinese leaders that " there is no need to hold a summit in the case of compromise the talks . " As a condition of the talks , Abe said publicly during his tenure must not visit the Yasukuni Shrine. Reported that the Japanese government has been proposed to the Chinese side does not currently pay homage secretly promised the program, but Chinese side believes that " secretly committed people can not believe it. Trust relationship ( between Japan and China ) has collapsed ." For this reason China has been requested Abe clear that it would not go to Yasukuni Shrine .

"Daily News" said that after the Diaoyu Islands "nationalization" , the Chinese government asked the Japanese government to admit there is a dispute between the two countries on the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands , and agreed to shelve disputes , China has held a summit meeting as a condition , but it now seems to turn

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